The U.S. economy is healthier than it's been in years and many Alabama business owners are thinking 2018 might be the best time to sell...

And they're right.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, here is a brief overview as to why now may be the right time to research your options:

There is approximately $900 billion in private equity overhang, at the same time public equities are at an all-time high, creating a market that is flush with investment capital (dry powder) ready to be deployed. This is a text-book sellers’ market. But here’s the kicker - There is a shortage of good companies available for acquisition, and this is driving current transaction multiples to new heights.

Whether you are considering selling your business to prepare for retirement or just have a new opportunity in mind, you need to know - when selling a business, timing is key... and now is the time.

Here’s why...

There are many factors that business owners can control that make a significant impact to the ultimate sales price of a business. Most importantly EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) can be improved with proper guidance (and time) to make a business more attractive to potential buyers.

But a major factor that business owners do not have control of are the historically low interest rates that our economy is currently experiencing. Since the lower interest rate helps elevate equity levels, including private equities (your business), and the interest rate has only one direction it can go (up), now is the time to start planning even if you are just amusing the thought.

A Little Bit About Us -

At Southern M&A, we understand successful entrepreneurs have poured their life into their company... and considering selling your business can represent the great “harvest” of your life’s work. This is not something we take lightly. And while the business sales process is an exciting time in the lifecycle of your business, without skillful navigation it can also be an emotional roller coaster.

For over a decade we have helped guide business owners through a path to realizing their lifetime goals. We have also had the privilege to successfully execute our process for business owners from $1 million in revenue up to over $200 million in revenue.

Industries we have served in Alabama and the southeast: Manufacturing of all shapes and sizes, Business Services, Oil and Gas, E-Commerce, SaaS, Marketing, Healthcare, Utilities, Education, Energy, Industrial, Safety/Security, Automotive, Niche Wholesale, Niche Retail, Franchises, Industrial Tech, Metals (Steel, Aluminum, etc.), Renewables, Chemicals, Aerospace, Defense, Agriculture, Building Components... just to name a few.

The Bottom Line:
We offer 'Wall Street' level capabilities and expertise, while at the same time leaning into all endeavors with a blue-collar work ethic. Sure, we have all the degrees, certifications, licensing and experience, but fact is - we are southerners at heart. Down-to-earth, easy to talk to... you won't ever have that feeling of “being sold” something... and foremost, we are honest and transparent.

But First Things First -

If you’re like most business owners we have worked with, you are probably starting with this simple question:

“What is my company worth?”

And we could give you a simple reply... something like “4 times EBITDA”. But truthfully, the answer is much more complex.

Our custom-crafted process produces a deal scenario that consistently outperforms the upper end of industry valuation ranges.
How do we do it?

Three Critical Factors:

1. What Is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage?

“Price is only an issue in the absence of value, we sell value.”
– Darin Phillips, Managing Partner

Understanding and aligning the key drivers that illuminate value is where most M&A firms fall woefully short. At Southern, we are exceedingly proficient at catching a potential buyer’s attention... turning glances into stares. We work with our clients to magnify their competitive advantage and subsequently fold this into our marketing phase.

2. More Buyers, Competitive Bidding, Higher Multiples

We are experts at creating a massive amount of demand for your business. Our discrete process utilizes a proprietary multi-channel approach. This includes strategic buyers that we identify within your industry, strategic buyers that are seeking to enter your industry, and over 3,000 private equity groups or financial buyers. Our approach is key to generating multiple offers, driving up value, and ultimately producing more qualified buyers with premium bids.

3. Experience & Hustle

We take pride in our work ethic and tenacity. As mentioned earlier, selling a business is a critical time in an entrepreneur’s life, and our clients deserve nothing but the highest level of professional dedication.

Entrepreneurs selecting the wrong advisor and, in turn, leaving value on the table at close is an all-too-common tragedy. What we would like to do for you today is offer a 100% Free, No Obligation, Expertly-Researched Business Valuation assessment. An initial market-based valuation is crucial when considering your next steps.

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